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LICET is born out of global vision of Loyola College Society (LCS ) and ICAM-Group. The core philosophy of ICAM and LCS is to facilitate conducive atmosphere in which men and women form themselves into COMPETENT, CREATIVE, COMMITTED and COMPASSIONATE professionals. These four C’s form the commonness of our partnership. This is the unity we forge by coming together to offer a collective enterprise contributing to the formation of engineers who would promote growth in individuals and in society.

Moodle is used for blended learning and flipped classroom at LICET. 

    Available courses

    GE8152-Engineering Graphics

    CY8151-Engineering Chemistry

    PH8151 - Engineering Physics

    MA8151 - Engineering Mathematics - I

    HS8151-Communicative English

    EC8395 - Communication Engineering 

    CS8392 - Object Oriented Programming

    CS8391 - Data Structures

    CS8351-Digital Principles and System Design

    CS8592-Object Oriented Analysis and Design

    CS8501 - Theory of Computation

    EC8691 - Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

    CS8591 - Computer Networks

    MA8551 - Algebra and Number Theory

    IT6006-Data Analytics

    CS6006-Game Programming

    CS6704-Resource Management Techniques

    CS6703-Grid & Cloud Computing

    CS6702-Graph Theory & Applications

    CS6703-Grid and Cloud Computing

    IT6702-Data Ware Housing and Data Mining

    CS6701-Cryptography and Network Security 

    IT6701-Information Management

    GE6081-Fundamentals of Nano Science

    EI6704-Bio Medical & Instrumentation

    MG6851-Principles of Management

    EE6703-Special Electrical Machines

    EE6702-Protection & Switchgear

    EE6701-High Voltage Engineering

    EC6009-Advanced Computer Architecture

    EC6004-Satellite Communication

    EC6012-CMOS analog IC design

    EC6015-Radar and Navigational Aids

    IT6005-Digital Image Processing

    EC6703-Embedded &Realtime  Systems

    EC6702-Optical Communication and Networks

    EC6701-RF and Microwave Engineering

    MEARES_E1-Open Elective

    MEAAS_E1- Open Elective -AS

    MEALM- Open Elective - LM


    ME8501 -MAM-MEA

    RES356_MEB- OPEN Elective- RES

    AS356_MEB-OPEN Elective- AS

    LM355-OPEN Elective- LM



    ME  6012-Maintenance Engineering

    ME 6008-Welding Technology

    GE 6757-Total Quality Management

    ME 6703-Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

    ME 6702-Mechatronics

    Imparting knowledge about the elements and techniques involved in Mechatronics systems which are very much essential to understand the emerging field of automation.

    ME 6701- Power  Plant Engineering 

    ME  6012-Maintenance Engineering ME  6012

    ME 6008-Welding Technology

    GE 6757-Total Quality Management

    Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems 

    ME 6702-Mechatronics

    ME 6701_MEB-Power  Plant Engineering

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